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World Environmental Education Day: How is Recover™ helping the environment?

World Environmental Education Day has taken place every January 26th since 1975 when the International Workshop on Environmental Education [1] was held, setting up the principles of environmental education within the United Nations (UN) frameworks. Today, the day continues to be celebrated to raise awareness about global and local environmental issues.

We believe transparency and education are two key factors to close the loop. We aspire to be Agents of change and become catalysts of progress in the Fashion and Textiles industry. At Recover™, we work hard to assess our environmental impact to minimize our carbon footprint and drive circularity in our sector. Let’s dive into how we are tackling this.

Creating circular fashion for all

As a frontrunner in sustainability and circularity in the textiles industry, Recover™ is always looking for the next steps to achieve our mission: circular fashion for all. This is the inspiration for our long-term sustainability strategy, which is supported by three key pillars: Circular products, Responsible production and supply chains, and Agents of change.

Recover™ is proud to collaborate with brands like DL1961, Perry Ellis, and C&A to achieve circularity in the fashion industry.

Designing circular products

In order to achieve our goal of circularity in the fashion industry, Recover™ products are made with minimal environmental impact. Following our commitment to become a zero-waste company, we are segregating and tracking all the different waste flows in our production hubs and finding and implementing opportunities to reduce and recycle our waste.

Another value of working with Recover™ is that our tech support team works closely with spinners and weavers to perfect the yarns and fabric qualities and encourage a shift towards circular design.

Environmental Impact: How are we producing responsibly?

All our operations follow the highest environmental and social standards and are third-party certified. In 2022, from the RCotton (RPure and RDenim) produced between our hubs in Spain, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, and the RColorBlend produced between our hubs in Spain and Bangladesh, we made the following environmental savings:

Being an Agent of Change

Fashion is responsible for 2-8% of humanity’s carbon emissions [2], which is why Recover™ is aligned with Science-Based targets to ensure minimal impact. We track our global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to set a climate target that can be confirmed and tracked, and we strive to meet 17 Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the UN.

Through our science-backed initiatives, we can inspire and drive sustainable transformation and leadership within our company, community, and industry. Change comes from awareness, and by using our platform to share our findings, progress, and initiatives, we can get more people involved in our mission and decrease the environmental impact of the fashion industry.


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