A highly valuable proprietary system that incorporates all of Recover’s expertise in fiber recycling.


Recover™ recycled cotton fibers are blended with other carriers’ fibers that have been low-impact dyed to create new fiber blends.

The new blends go through several intimate blending processes until achieving the perfect combination of performance and color matching accuracy, using minimal solvents and water. The RColorBlend recipe developed in the Recover™ lab is reproduced on an industrial scale and delivered ready to be spun, without the need of blending or dyeing. Recycled cotton ranging from 30% to 70% mixed with recycled carrier fiber. RColorBlend family is split into two lines of products, depending on the carrier fiber used.

Two lines of products

A vibrant blend of Recover™ recycled cotton and recycled polyester. Standard blend 52% Recover recycled cotton + 48% RPET. Custom blends available for a full spectrum of unique colors. Delivered ready to be spun, without the need of blending or dyeing, thus at reduced processing costs.

  • 48% recycled polyester
  • 52% recycled cotton

A natural blend of Recover™ recycled cotton and organic cotton, OCS certified. Standard blend 50% Recover recycled cotton + 50% organic cotton. Custom blends available.

  • 50% recycled cotton
  • 50% organic cotton