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Grow, learn, teach, and lead the way towards a more sustainable and closed-loop fashion industry with us. We are looking for committed people who share our vision: Circular fashion for all.

About Recover™

75+ years of expertise in sustainable recycled cotton across four generations of family in Spain. Our scaled solution transforms textile waste into high-quality, low-impact fiber.


Fashion industry leaders rely on Recover™ products and we are working hard to meet the growing demand and offer a solution to one of the biggest environmental crisis of our generation: textile waste. Interested in joining a team of recycling experts with more than 70 years of excellence in the industry?

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Our values

Years of tradition and expertise in the recycling industry have made us into one of the main leaders of recycled cotton in the global market, trusted by international brands and sustainability experts. Our unique technology and know-how remain unequaled and have one of the major environmental benefits

What we offer

International career, being part of an international team, training and development, events, safety, opportunity, work-life balance.

Recover™ work centers

Recover™ offers a scaled solution supporting the most prominent global brands and retailers. Our global presence is rapidly expanding with additional locations planned for key textile hubs around the world.

Our Global Headquarters is located in Madrid and our Innovation Center is in Banyeres de Mariola, Spain. We have production centers in Bangladesh and Pakistan and are planning more openings in the coming years.

Join our dedicated team of experts and shape the future of circular fashion with us.