About us

We have perfected the art and science of handcrafting sustainable recycled cotton fiber over 70+ years across four generations of family in Spain. Today, we offer a scale solution to transform textile waste into low-impact, high-quality sustainable recycled fiber. We are on a mission to help create a sustainable future by solving one of the world’s biggest environmental issues.

Our mission

Circular Fashion for all

By delivering innovative, cost competitive, recycled fibers and circular solutions at scale.

A unique expertise

Years of tradition and expertise in the recycling industry provide Recover™ with a unique competitive advantage that no other company on the market can challenge. Our process and technology are unequaled and have a strong environmental benefit: delivering dyed fiber without the addition of any water or chemicals, allowing for a true closed-loop system.

Recycling experts

The Recover™ recycling process is led by a team of passionate experts in material science, textiles, fashion and sustainability. We are committed to accelerating the development of a closed-loop industry and guiding our partners on their sustainability path.

Our history

We have been pioneering sustainable materials since 1947. Our 70-year experience, expertise and trade secrets extend into the usage of the fiber in yarn spinning and textiles.






Antonio Ferre opens a textile factory in his native Banyeres de Mariola, a small town near Alicante, Spain.

A second generation of Ferres has a huge vision and introduces a game-changing innovation: turn textile waste into yarn. The Ferre family has grown with the strong belief that recycling is the most innovative way to transform the Fashion industry.

Recover™ is born. Ferre gives a name to its recycled product line: Recover™, a name that defines a process and a commitment to sustainability.

Recover's unique recycling process is officially launched with major global brands and retailers worldwide.

A fourth generation of Ferres preserves its unique expertise in fiber recycling and remains dedicated to bringing the lowest-impact recycled cotton fibers to the global market. The new strategic partnership with Story3 Capital allows Recover™ to scale its impact even further and close the loop on fashion.

Recover production network

Recover™ is investing globally to increase recycling capacities. We want to achieve maximum output by being where the waste is, thereby close to both supply and demand and reducing simultaneously our carbon footprint.

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Project and partnerships

We partner with other committed actors in the industry, developing sustainable and circular solutions to drive the fashion industry towards a closed-loop system.

Textile Exchange

Innovation Forum

Global Compact

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

World Circular Textiles Day

Accelerating Circularity

Textiles 2030

Circular Fashion Partnership


Denim Deal

Policy Hubs

American Apparel & Footwear Association