Circular fashion for all

Recover™ transforms textile waste into sustainable recycled fibers, closing the loop on fashion.

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Recover™ is a leading materials science company and global producer of low-impact, high-quality recycled cotton fiber and fiber blends.



Best in class Recover™ fiber made from unblended recycled cotton fiber, suitable for overdyeing, using minimal solvents and water.


Our most valuable proprietary system. Recover™ recycled cotton fibers are blended with other carriers' fibers that have been low- impact dyed to create new fibers, in a full spectrum of unique colors and at the lowest environmental cost.

Our process


Recover™ produces high-quality recycled cotton fiber at a low environmental cost.

1 kg (1 kg = 2.2 lb) of Recover™ recycled cotton saves up:


  • 14 740 litres

  • (3 894 US gallons)


  • 56 kWh

CO2 emissions

  • 23 kg

  • (50 lb)


  • 1.1 kg

  • (3 lb)

Land use

  • 10.5 m2

  • (113 f2)

Project and partnerships

We partner with other committed actors in the industry, developing sustainable and circular solutions to drive the fashion industry towards a closed-loop system.

Textile Exchange (TE)

Innovation Forum

Global Compact

Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)

World Circular Textiles Day

Accelerating Circularity

Textiles 2030

Circular Fashion Partnership (CFP)


Denim Deal

Policy Hubs

American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA)