Recover™ is the leader of recycled, sustainable cotton. Our values fit perfectly with the sustainable goals of the fashion industry. As experts in sustainability, we are the preferred partner to educate about circular fashion, as demonstrated by our brand collaborations with leaders in the fashion industry.

Our collaborations

DL1961 x Recover

DL1961 has partnered with Recover™ on a joint sustainability initiative to create the world’s first high performance circular jean, featuring model and philanthropist Candice Swanepoel. By breaking down previously-loved clothing and weaving it together with other eco-friendly tech fibers, the result is a sustainable pair of jeans that outperforms others in terms of fabric, fit and function.

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Lovers and Friends x Recover

Introducing our new partnership with the best-selling Revolve owned brand, Lovers and Friends. Lovers and Friends has teamed up with Recover™ to produce a range of stylish and sustainably conscious apparel.

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Primark x Recover

Primark and Recover™ team up to create sustainable fashion at their characteristic affordable prices under the Primark Care label.Available in more than 179 stores worldwide, what might have been left on the cutting room has converted into high-quality recycled cotton fiber and made it to Primark's mainstream collections.

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