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Arvin Goods x Recover™

Behind the collab

Seattle-based apparel accessories company Arvin Goods has teamed up with Recover™ and Ferre to foster and lead impact reduction by making low-impact basics that never compromise on performance, comfort, quality, or ethics. Since launching in 2019, Arvin Goods has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion and is one of the few brands utilizing discarded fabrics for its entire collection.

Responsibility at the core

This collection brings refreshingly clean basics made from 100% recycled Recover™ cotton. The latest launch features Crew and Terry socks made from 79% recycled materials, including 43% recycled polyester and 36% Recover™ recycled cotton fiber. Manufacturing just one pair of socks made with 36% Recover™ fiber saves up to 18 gallons of water compared to a pair made with conventional cotton.

Making an impact

For each pair of socks, responsibility is the core of Arvin’s approach to the design, manufacturing, and distribution. As well as using low-impact impact recycled materials, responsibility was also prioritized in the value chain. Thanks to Recover’s strategic partnership with Ferre Yarns, based locally in Alicante, the impact of transportation was also minimized.

Shop the collection

Shop Arvin Good's latest collection made with recycled cotton fiber.