Our unique and revolutionary recycling system transforms post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste into valuable and high-quality recycled cotton fibers, offering the lowest environmental cost on the global market.

Our fiber

We offer best in class, high-quality, low-impact recycled fiber for fashion, accessories and home textiles. Art and science combined to create the longest fiber output and maximize the fiber quality.

Product lines


Best in class Recover™ fiber made from unblended recycled cotton fiber, suitable for overdyeing. No additional solvents or water are used to produce our RCotton fiber.

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Our most valuable proprietary system. Recover™ overdye-free fiber is blended with other carriers' fibers that have been low- impact dyed to create new fibers, in a full spectrum of unique colors and at the lowest environmental cost.

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We provide extensive support and technical expertise in the adoption of our fiber. Partnering with Recover™ means collaborating to establish yourself as a frontrunner in closing the loop on fashion.

Together, we can achieve circular fashion for all.

Supply chain integration

Recover™ offers a versatile integration, whether it is within an existing supply chain or working with our strategic partners for production and/or design. Contact us to learn how we can integrate into your business.

Recover™ tech support

Our tech support offers a unique mix of coaching and knowledge to all our supply chain partners. From spinning best practices to weaving and knitting recommendations, we help your organization optimize the quality of yarns and finished fabrics.

Adoption process

With decades of experience in textile-to-textile recycling, Recover™ provides expert support at every step of the adoption process to provide your business with an end-to-end solution to post-consumer waste.

From post-industrial to pre- and post-consumer waste, a solution tailored for your business.

Integrate Recover™ employees with the supply chain and development teams to optimize fiber flow at output scales.

Through an Act as One philosophy we solve supply chain issues daily.

Maximum output thanks to our different production hubs.

Recover™ will provide tech support to spinners and fabric suppliers to optimize output and maximize the value chain.

Collaborate to be positioned as a frontrunner in closing the loop on fashion.