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Textile waste is our raw material, and we use it to create high-quality recycled cotton fiber.

Design for cyclability

If we want the future to be circular, we need to start designing for it right now.

Innovative technologies like Recover™ have the capability to turn textile waste (industrial waste and used garments) into high-quality recycled fibers that can be used again to create new garments, closing the loop on fashion.

Used clothes and garment production waste is submitted.

Recover™ processes the textile waste in its factories.

New Recover™ fiber is created and ready to be integrated.

Recover™ fibers are made into new yarns.

Recover™ yarns are weaved into new fabrics.

Garment manufacturers produce new recycled goods.

Recover™ allows for a closed-loop and truly sustainable fashion industry.

Recover™ turns textile waste from post-industrial and pre- and post-consumer origins into valuable, high-quality recycled cotton fiber and fiber blends. We work together with our strategic partners to integrate our process into the supply chain, providing a closed-loop end-to-end solution.

The Recover™ process

Our revolutionary process allows us to ensure the longest fiber at the lowest environmental cost, enabling the industry to close the loop on fashion.

Step 1: Cutting & Extraction

Step 2: Treatment

Step 3: Shredding

Step 4: Packing

Large pieces of textile waste are cut into smaller ones. All non-textile elements are removed. We remove all non-textile materials from clothing thanks to an efficient automated extraction process

Textile waste is treated with an anti static spray using very little water to prepare the clips for the final step of the process

The small pieces of textile waste are uniquely processed inside the shredding machine. The machine optimization formula is proprietary and exclusively used by Recover™

Recover™ fiber is ready to be integrated into the supply chains of our Strategic Alliance Partners.

Textile Waste

Textile waste is typically the material that becomes unusable or worthless after the end of production or use of any textile product. But at Recover™, we don’t see waste, we see circular solutions. Textile waste is our raw material, and we use it to create our Recover™ recycled fibers that can be incorporated back into textile production, allowing the industry to move towards a closed-loop model.