DL1961 partners with Recover™ on Spring 2022 Capsule Collection featuring model and philanthropist Candice Swanepoel.

DL1961 x Recover™

DL1961, a global premium denim brand based in New York, has partnered with Recover™ on a joint sustainability initiative to create the world’s first high performance circular jean.

Together the two companies have launched a new 5-piece Spring capsule collection featuring jeans made using a minimum 30% of Recover™ recycled cotton fiber.

Discover more on DL1961 website: https://www.dl1961.com/

The DL1961 Process

DL1961 is a vertically integrated family-owned brand, creating premium denim since 2008.

The company oversees its entire manufacturing process, from weaving Recover™ recycled fiber with other high-tech fiber to create low-impact yarns, to turning them into lifting, sculpting and comfortable fabrics. After being dyed using only the highest quality Dystar Liquid Indigo pigments to minimize harmful by-products, DL1961 jeans are then constructed and hand-finished to create a premium product.

Candice Swanepoel, Face of the High Performance Circular Jean

Model and philanthropist Candice Swanepoel, is the face of the new DL1961 the campaign for the capsule collection of jeans in best-selling silhouettes made with Recover™ fibers.

“As a CEO and founder of her own fashion brand, Candice understands the importance of sustainable fashion. Her passion for the planet and aptitude to affect change make her the perfect partner for this collection,” says Sarah Ahmed, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of DL1961.

Sustainability at DL1961

As well as containing Recover™ recycled fiber, each pair of DL1961 jeans are constructed and hand-finished using waterless laser and Ozone technologies in their family-owned manufacturing facilities, which are fully compliant with International Social & Environmental Quality Standards. Every pair of DL1961 jeans is also tracked by the Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) software by Jeanologia, making DL1961 a top choice for a customer looking for denim that is sustainable at every step of the process.

Environmental impacts of the DL1961 collection

At Recover™ we are committed to achieving circular fashion for all, for that reason all of our products are developed and measured by their environmental impacts. Recover™ outperforms conventional cotton and organic cotton, across 5 and 4 impact categories respectively: Global warming potential, Eutrophication, Water scarcity, Fossil fuel depletion and Chemistry. In fact, one million pairs of jeans made from Recover™ denim saves the equivalent 530 Olympic swimming pools, the annual emissions of 417 people and the annual electricity use of 1 600 people (calculated using our impact calculator, based on our LCA results).