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Inside the collab

As part of Primark’s sustainability strategy, Primark Cares, the high-street retailer has partnered with Recover™ to fulfill its pledge and ensure that all its affordable clothing is made from either recycled or more sustainably sourced materials by 2030. Sustainable, affordable and stylish, selected pieces from the Primark Cares range contains up to 20% Recover™ recycled cotton fiber.

“Recover™ has been a proud partner of Primark since 2020, supporting it on the journey to become a frontrunner in the circular textile business.”

Chief Product, Innovation and Sustainability Officer at Recover™, Alfredo Ferre

Sustainable vision

To track their progress and their commitment to their new vision, Primark launched its Primark Sustainability and Ethics Progress Report, which zeroed in on the necessary internal and value chain changes so they can deliver on their sustainable goals.

Their three-pillar plan hinges on taking care of: Product, Planet and People.

Among other goals, they are committed to:

  • Providing affordable, durable & recyclable clothes made from recycled fibers or more sustainable materials by 2030
  • Halving their carbon footprint across their value chain by 2030
  • Eliminating non-clothing waste – this includes single-use plastics and all non-clothing waste by 2027
  • Restoring biodiversity by using more regenerative agricultural practices by 2030

The first to bring low-impact RColorBlend to market to scale

The leisurewear collection features pieces such as t-shirts and sweatshirts made completely from Recover™ RColorBlend fiber, a vibrant blend of Recover™ recycled cotton, made from textile waste, and recycled polyester. The fiber blend, developed in the Recover™ lab and reproduced on an industrial scale, is low impact at its best as it requires no dyeing treatment and uses minimal water and chemicals.

Making sustainable fashion accessible

Each piece of this collection is available at Primark’s amazing affordable prices – because sustainable fashion choices should be accessible to everyone. Responsible shoppers can find the collection in selected stores across all 14 markets in Europe and the U.S. Look out for Recover™ RColorBlend labels in store to find pieces from the range.

Recycled cotton basics

As part of Primark’s sustainability strategy, Primark Cares, the high-street retailer continues its partnership with Recover™ into 2024. They continue to innovate and bring sustainability to the fashion industry with cotton basics made from Recover™ 100% recycled cotton RPure.

Empowering Partners: Joint Presentation of Circular Initiatives

Recover™ shared its process with over 1000 Primark leaders at their Primark Connect event. Being sustainable starts with learning, and we love to help our partners explain their circular initiatives.