Primark and Recover™ team up to create sustainable fashion at their characteristic affordable prices under the Primark Care label.

Primark launches recycled cotton collection with Recover™

Primark new collection, made using Recover™ recycled cotton, is now available in more than 179 stores worldwide. Composed of classic and trendy leisurewear pieces, each item is made using between 15% to 25% of Recover™ recycled cotton. The remainder is made up using a mix of materials including sustainable cotton, organic cotton and polyester. Look out for Recover™ labels instore to find pieces from the range.

Scalability and affordability

Those are two of the main challenges of the circular textile industry. Primark new collection is a step further towards Recover's goal: achieving circular fashion for all: both geographically and economically. Because responsible fashion should be accessible to everyone.

Circular Fashion for all

One of the pillars of our strategy at Recover™ is scaling the production of our recycled cotton fiber, through strong investments in our recycling lines. By applying our product to the scale and prices of a brand such as Primark, we validate our business model : being able to provide recycled fiber to any brand in the fashion industry, making our moto a reality: "Circular fashion for all".

Helping closing the loop on fashion

"At Primark, we believe that fashion should be more sustainable but that this shouldn’t come at a higher price. We are working with innovative partners like Recover™, who have been a leader in closed loop recycling for over 70 years, as part of our Primark Cares initiative to help make sustainable fashion affordable for everyone." - Primark’s Director of Primark Cares, Lynne Walker

“Recover™ is helping to close the loop on fashion, by recycling textile waste into fibers which are spun into yarn and then knitted or woven into new textiles. This creates low impact, long-lasting and high-quality products that can be worn and loved into the future. We are thrilled to be working with Primark on this new range, made with our recycled cotton.” Recover™ Chief Sustainability Officer, Helene Smits.