Primark and Recover™ team up to create sustainable fashion at their characteristic affordable prices under the Primark Care label.

Primark and Recover™ collaborate again with a new RColorBlend collection

Bringing sustainable fashion to the everyday wardrobe, the latest Primark range features Recover’s RColorBlend fiber; a recycled fiber available in a spectrum of colors and with minimum environmental impacts. The launch is the next phase of Primark’s partnership with Recover™, building on its ambition to become a more circular business.

The first high-street retailer to bring unique RColorBlend products to market at scale

The leisurewear collection features pieces such as t-shirts and sweatshirts made completely from Recover™ RColorBlend fiber, a vibrant blend of Recover™ recycled cotton, made from textile waste, and recycled polyester. The fiber blend is developed in the Recover™ lab and reproduced on an industrial scale, with no dyeing treatment and using minimal water and chemicals.

Bringing circular fashion to the masses

Primark teamed up with Recover™ to certify and produce the new clothing as part of its Primark Cares range. Each piece is available at the same amazing prices as always, because more responsible fashion choices should be accessible to everyone, and will be available to customers in selected stores across all 14 markets in Europe and the U.S. Look out for Recover™ RColorBlend labels in store to find pieces from the range.

Sustainable vision

Within Primark’s new sustainability strategy, the company commits to ensure all its clothing is made from recycled or more sustainably sourced materials by 2030. The incorporation of Recover™ fiber, one of the lowest-impact recycled fibers in the global market, in its clothing range will help achieve this goal as well as make important environmental savings.