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Recover™ aspires to educate about sustainability and circularity

Over the past year, Recover™ has actively participated in the discussions happening within the fashion industry as we aspire to be an "Agent of Change" and to educate people about circularity and sustainability. Through a variety of presentations, summits, masterclasses, and panels, we are constantly searching for ways to achieve a sustainable transition, whether it be assisting local industry members, speaking to international audiences, visualizing the future, or motivating the next generation of innovators.

Over the past few months, our Sustainability team have been representing Recover™ at a number of key events alongside some of the leading players in sustainable fashion.

Planet Textiles

Planet Textiles, organised by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), took place last week alongside ITMA 2023 in Milan, Italy.

As members of the SAC and leaders in sustainability, we have a continued commitment to improving our environmental performance and share and inform the vision of the coalition to creating a more sustainable, equitable, and just world for all.

As part of the "Closing the Loop: Circularity for Systemic Change" session, Ana spoke about the necessity for the textile recycling value chain to scale and for there to be “real collaboration” between members of the fashion industry make an impact and make circular fashion accessible for everyone.

Textiles 2030 – Design for Recyclability Workshop

Textiles 2030 brought together some of the biggest names in fashion and homeware for their Design for Recyclability Workshops in London, England. Textiles 2030 is WRAP’s award-winning UK-based initiative working to move the UK fashion and textile industries towards circularity by forming agreements with sustainably-minded brands and businesses.

As part of the March workshops, our Senior Sustainability Manager, Ana Rodes, alongside representatives from some of the other leading fibre-to-fibre recyclers in the sector, discussed the current capabilities of fibre-to-fibre recycling technologies, what is needed to successfully scale-up these technologies in the future and to teach designers how to improve the recyclability of their garments.

Sustainable Apparel Forum

A few months ago, both our Chief Sustainability Officer, Helene Smits, and Senior Sustainability Manager, Ana Rodes were thrilled to join other industry leaders at the Sustainable Apparel Forum in Bangladesh to highlight the potential positive impacts of scaling textile recycling in the country, which is particularly important as Bangladesh is one of the world's leading textile and apparel producers.

Helene joined the Plenary Session 02 panel to discuss the "Circular Economy in Bangladesh's Apparel & Textile Industry: Closing The Loop.” Helene and other industry thought leaders, aspired to educate members of the Bangladesh textile industry about the importance of prioritizing circularity.

Munich Fabric Start

In January, our Chief Sustainability Officer, Helene Smits, took to the stage at the MUNICH FABRIC START as part of the Fiberology panel. With a focus on denim, this panel, including some of the industry's leading game changers, discussed topics such as the European market’s advancements in preferred fibers and how suppliers can work together to reach more customers and to drive impact.

MOVE! Sustainable Fashion Summit

The MOVE! Sustainable Fashion Summit was a forum in Madrid, Spain that brought together industry members to share and evaluate the advances that the sector is making in terms of sustainability, as well as the barriers that the fashion sector still needs to be overcome.

Just yesterday, Ana Rodes took part in the "Beyond cotton: new fibers to transform fashion" roundtable discussion where she discussed the importance of being an ingredient brand, the challenges and opportunities for alternative fibers and the need to educate consumers about sustainability.