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Recover™ and Tally Weijl: Embracing Circular Fashion for All

Tally Weijl, the trendy Swiss brand for women specializing in women’s clothing and accessories, has partnered with Recover™ to incorporate more recycled content into their garments. The collaboration introduces two women’s tops, each featuring 20% high-quality recycled cotton fiber from Recover™. Available in both white and black, these tops are made using 100% textile waste from factory scraps as feedstock.

Both pieces from this collaboration are designed with a commitment to the concept of style with purpose. Through their TALLY CARES program, the brands' designers prioritize "better materials" with a lower environmental impact, while maintaining their commitment to affordable fashion.

Making circular fashion accessible

The capsule collection brings together fashion, sustainability, and affordability for the European market. Recover™ recycled cotton significantly outperforms virgin cotton across several environmental impacts categories, including water scarcity, global warming potential or fossil fuel depletion. Through this collaboration, Tally Weijl reaffirms its dedication to delivering trendy, quality, and affordable products while taking a significant step towards circular fashion.