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Happy Punt and Recover™ partnership reaches new heights

Happy Punt and Recover™, two leading operators in different links of the value chain, are reaching new heights in their collaboration to close the loop on fashion.

After forming a multi-year partnership agreement in 2021 to offer end-to-end solutions for the design, development, and production of sustainable garments for the fashion industry, they are already showing the major impact that they are having on the circular fashion industry.

The key to the partnership’s success comes from the seamless integration between the two teams and those of the brands, ensuring constant communication and development. Recover™ support teams are also integrated with the Happy Punt team for execution and troubleshooting to guarantee a sustainable product, at the highest quality.

Together the two companies mainly produce pieces for the leisure and casual wear market, a market which Happy Punt dominates, and to date they have already sold nearly 4,000,000 units certified made with RColorBlend and under 100% Recycled Claim Standard, of sweatshirts, t-shirts, skirts, joggers, and shorts. They estimate to sell 5,000,000 by the end of the year.

Happy Punt designs and manufacture using Recover's innovative RCotton and RColorBlend products, enabling the creation of collections that are relevant to the market and the brand. By collaborating on proper planning, the two companies can provide colorful specific garments which, in the case of RColorBlend haven’t needed to be overdyed downstream, helping to further reduce their environmental impact.

The two family-owned companies have a combined experience of over a century in the textiles industry and a strong commitment to bringing the best product to the market. Founded by Hilaturas Ferre, Recover™ has more than 75 years of experience through four generations of family in Spain, and the company recently received investment from Goldman Sachs, allowing it to accelerate its global expansion and production capacity for a more rapid adoption of sustainability initiatives by leading brands and retailers.

Happy Punt, for its part, is one of Spain's leading clothing designers and manufacturers. Headed by Chicho Ódena, the company has more than 25 years of history in the fashion industry. It offers a global end-to-end service and is known and recognized for the quality of its fashion design and the speed of its creative process. The company produces in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Morocco, Pakistan and Vietnam, as well as a sourcing office in Shanghai.

In recent years the two companies have become representatives of the new generation of the textile industry in Spain, with a clear sustainable vision at its core. Their strategic partnership provides brands and retailers with an easy-to-use plug & play solution to achieve their sustainability initiatives and ensure a quality product for the consumer.

The transformation of the industry from linear to circular cannot happen alone and requires the collaboration of supply chain participants. Together Happy Punt and Recover™ are building and scaling the circular, traceable, resource-efficient, and resilient supply chains we need to meet climate goals and stay within planetary boundaries.