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Transparency in fashion: manifesto for a fashion revolution

As leaders in the textile industry, we have, since our founding, sought to abide by a set of comprehensive self-defined social and environmental requisites – many any of which align with the Fashion Revolution movement which celebrates its tenth year sparking important conversations and actions in the sector.

This year also marks the 10-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh, which catapulted the often-unseen side of the fashion industry into the spotlight. A decade later, we celebrate progress, but we also recognize that there is lots of room to improve.

As part of our mission is to achieve Circular fashion for all, RecoverTM works hard to be much more than a supply chain partner. To effect real change, RecoverTM shares relevant tools and information. In that vein, we hope to do our part by shedding light on this year’s Fashion Revolution Week, and on Fashion Revolution’s manifesto.

Fashion Revolution Week 2023

Fashion Revolution seeks to mobilize gamechangers, both industry players and consumers alike, to make a difference through a call to action focused on a central theme each year. Previously, the movement gained international momentum with its long running #IMadeYourClothes campaign, which put garment workers center stage.

This year, Fashion Revolution revisits the organization’s original 10-point manifesto.

Manifesto for a fashion revolution

Fashion Revolution’s mission to create a just, fair, safe, and inclusive fashion industry is founded upon 10 principles.

  1. Fashion provides dignified work.
  2. Fashion provides fair and equal pay.
  3. Fashion gives people a voice.
  4. Fashion respects culture and heritage.
  5. Fashion stands for solidarity, inclusiveness, and democracy. It champions diversity as crucial for success.
  6. Fashion conserves and restores the environment.
  7. Fashion never unnecessarily destroys or discards but mindfully redesigns and recuperates in a circular way.
  8. Fashion is transparent and accountable.
  9. Fashion measures success by more than just sales and profits.
  10. Fashion celebrates life and never subjugates, denigrates, degrades, marginalizes, or compromises.

For the full manifesto, check out Fashion Revolution’s website.

RecoverTM works to make a fashion revolution a reality

The core of what we do is to conserve, preserve and promote circularity. Recover’s low-impact mechanical recycling process combined with our facility’s proximity to textile waste helps keep waste out of landfills and give it a new life – reducing the production of raw materials.

An equally core part of what we do at RecoverTM hinges on providing a dignified, safe, and inclusive workspace. To that end, RecoverTM works hard to show the human aspect of fashion by highlighting the talented people behind what we wear.

Since the opening of our new recycling facility in Bangladesh last year, RecoverTM has had the opportunity to lead by example. One of the largest textile recycling facilities in Bangladesh, Recover’s Dhaka team currently tops out at 282 employees (as of the date of this publication).

Apart from ensuring compliance with the strictest international standards, we are actively working to improve the day-to-day of our team. RecoverTM currently offers shuttle service to and from the hub, optional on-site accommodation in our newly constructed dorms, daily free meals and snacks, as well as regularly scheduled prayer breaks for practicing team members. RecoverTM encourages our partners to uphold the same values throughout their supply and production chains.

Recover™ | Transparency in fashion: manifesto for a fashion revolution on Vimeo

Together we can do so much more

The road to a circular future is laid out before us. It’s up to us, together, to get there.

Photos credits:

Photos in Banyeres de Mariola, Spain: Atila Madrona

Photos in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Farhana Akther

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