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Recover™ is a Business Council member of Rehubs, a joint initiative unveiled by Euratex to upcycle textile waste and circular materials all over Europe.


ReHubs is a joint initiative by EURATEX to upcycle textile waste and circular materials all over Europe. Its goal is to set up a synergic collective based on recycling hubs in Europe to upcycle textile waste & industrially scale up the collecting, sorting, processing and recycling of pre-consumer and postconsumer materials.

Textiles and clothing are one of the strategic pillars of the European economy that accounts for around 140.000 companies and employs more than 1 million people across the region. As announced by the European Commission, by the end of 2024, Europe will face new regulations, such as the obligation to separate the collection of textile waste. For now, there are no large-scale plans across Europe to repurpose the current amounts of textile waste.

To remain competitive, the industry is undergoing a deep transformation towards circularity and sustainability.

Recover’s role in ReHubs

As part of Business Council, Recover™ was one of the founding companies of the ReHubs initiative. In this role, Recover™ provided information for the Techno Economic Study and was a driving force for the launch of the first ReHubs projects.

On December, 1st 2023, the inaugural General Assembly witnessed the formal inclusion of 18 European companies and organisations into ReHubs:

  • BASF
  • Boer Group
  • Coleo
  • Concordia Textiles
  • Decathlon
  • Gherzi Textil Organisation
  • Inditex
  • Indorama Ventures
  • Mango
  • PEPPER-i2
  • Purfi
  • Ratti
  • Recover™
  • Refashion
  • Resortecs
  • Rester

These collaborators, spanning various stages of the circular textile value chain, collectively pledge to invest in enhancing textile recycling capabilities within Europe. ReHubs Europe’s headquarters is located in Brussels, and it will continue working closely with Euratex. Membership is open to any companies interested in investing in textile waste recycling in Europe.

Discover more on ReHubs' website.