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Recover™, Happy Punt and Hansae join forces to achieve circular fashion for all

In a multi-year agreement, three leading forces in the textiles industry, Recover™, Happy Punt, and Hansae, have partnered together to provide end-to-end solutions for design, development, production, and sustainability demands in the fashion apparel industry.

Using innovative technology, the partnership provides a range of services, including 3D design, patterns, tech packs, samples, and production, to support brands and retailers at every step in the supply chain. It also incorporates the lowest impact recycled fiber in the global market, made by Recover™, to help close the loop on fashion.

The three-company partnership is enhanced by its global reach, with offices in Seoul, Barcelona, and New York allowing proximity to the customer. As well as Technical Design teams in multiple locations that develop, review and issue specifications for production approval and ensure a correct fit with the client’s brand profile.

"Using technology, the partnership provides a range of services to support brands and retailers at every step in the supply chain"

Thanks to dedicated Product Design & Development facilities, samples can be produced in-house providing a fast concept-to-sample process and a quick turnaround of the product. As part of a joint sustainability initiative, the partnership also encourages R&D designs to be replaced by 3D designs to reduce the environmental impact of the sampling process.

The three companies have a combined experience of over 130 years in their respective fields and a strong commitment to bringing the best technology to the product and the market. Together they are already actively working with several leading global brands to deliver sustainable collections to the market by Spring 2022, and more collections are expected to follow.

To strengthen the partnership, Recover™ also aims to build robust fiber production facilities at scale to support the global supply chain needs and fulfill the growth and demand of its clients, with the first facility due to be fully operational this fall.

By joining forces, Recover™, Happy Punt, and Hansae provide brands and retailers with an easy way to transform their businesses in a sustainable way, as well as ensure a quality product for the consumer.

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