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Recover™, an Agent of Change

As we strive to bring circularity to the fashion industry, we believe that education is a key factor in closing the loop. Through our science-backed initiatives, we can inspire and drive sustainable transformation and leadership within our company, community, and industry. Change comes from awareness, so we use our platform to share our findings, progress, and initiatives, but how are we doing this you ask? Let’s explore!

Helping the next generations

The team at Recover™ is filled with experts in circularity in the Fashion and Textile industry and they are more than happy to share their knowledge with the next generations. We make time to speak with students of all ages to ensure that they are more aware of the impact of the fashion industry on the world and naturally turn toward more sustainable products and materials as they grow up.

While textile recycling may seem like a complicated topic to teach depending on the age group, no student is too young to learn about recycling, the material just must be adjusted. Employees take our mission to heart and have given talks at their children’s schools about what we do and how they can grow up to be more environmentally conscious. At a higher level, we collaborate with a variety of universities around our manufacturing hubs to explain our process more in depth and help spark an interest in textile recycling.

To truly bring circularity to the fashion industry though, we must approach things holistically, we do so by collaborating with designers. We have an ongoing collaboration with The Modern Artisan, a unique international training program, that supports the next generation of talent in the design and manufacturing of a responsible luxury womenswear capsule. Through this collaboration, the talented creators at The Modern Artisan are equipped to not only source responsibly, but also to design pieces that are made to last; minimize purchases long term; and are made with recyclable recycled materials (like our 100% Recover™ recycled cotton).

Encouraging innovation

To further our mission of circularity in the fashion industry we are actively collaborating with a variety of universities, near and far. Currently, we have collaborations with Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain, University of Leeds, UK, University of Vienna, Austria, and the University of Saxion, The Netherlands. Projects carried out with these universities are primarily aimed at standardizing processes to improve and scale mechanical cotton recycling.

One of the main objectives is to improve textile waste by identifying and removing contaminants or other fibers that are difficult to recycle, increasing in this way the amount of textile material suitable for mechanical recycling. There is also research into improving the quality of the resulting fiber and its integration into subsequent processes such as spinning, weaving, and we are even working outside of the textile industry to find better solutions to textile waste. While some textile waste may not be able to stay in our industry, we’re thinking outside of the box to incorporate our waste into other industries as much as possible.

Bringing in the best talent

Our constant innovation would not be possible without attracting the best talent in the industry. For this reason, the People & Talent department at Recover™ works hard to make our mission well-known within the sector to attract the best. Without our incredible team, it would not be possible to constantly innovate and be changemakers in the industry.

Currently, we work closely with local universities to spread our mission and recruit top talent from specific programs that align with our business needs. As we continue to grow, we are working to attract more international profiles, with the team currently consisting of fifteen different nationalities.