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Evlox signs three-year deal with Recover™

Evlox and Recover™ have signed a multi-year agreement with the common goal of promoting innovative technologies that will help move both towards a circular textiles industry.

As part of the agreement, Evlox commits to purchasing Recover’s recycled cotton fiber, a high-quality fiber created entirely from textile waste and produced with minimal environmental impact, and to incorporating it into their denim fabrics. The agreement is significant for Evlox's plans to scale their sustainable product offering and fulfills the 2025 objectives set out in their corporate social responsibility program.

Using Recover™, Evlox will continue to minimize the use of virgin resources and move towards a circular production model, manufacturing a high-quality denim fabric while significantly reducing its impact.

“We are proud to contribute towards making textile circularity a reality, and we believe that innovation is the key for a competitive and sustainable fashion industry in the future. For that reason, we continue to seek new sustainable solutions, whether through partners, processes or materials, that help us to achieve new fibers from recycled textiles. This partnership with Recover™ is helping to change the industry.”

– Jamie Lloréns, CEO at Evlox

As part of this collaboration, Evlox will launch their first capsule collection called Re-Iconics by Evlox, coinciding with the release of its new AW 24-25 collection this month. The vintage capsule collection is a tribute to the classic denim fabrics that have been successful in past decades, adding a sustainable component with Recover’s recycled fiber, produced in Spain.

Alfredo Ferre, CEO at Recover™, commented:

"Our new partnership with Evlox, a textile manufacturer with a clear sustainable vision at its core, allows us to continue building and scaling a circular and traceable supply chain with Recover™, so that we can offer brands a sustainable and high-quality solution.”

For more information, visit Evlox's website.